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Monday, 12 December 2011


Words are often random.
It’s like what I think
And what I say
Are never in tandem.
My fingers don’t ink
What thoughts hand them

Poetry is the economy of words
Not just the pronunciation
Of words like, economy
Like one president would say
As he spontaneously spills spoonerisms
Like a dessertspoon’s stuck in his mouth
Because the aftertaste of voting victory
Is sweeter than Melting Moments’ cakes and pastries

Words are often random
Protect what you say
Wear a speech condom.

[Written circa 1200hrs 10/12/2011.Inspired by Richard Henry Quist Sr at P.O.E.T.S (People Of Equal Thoughts & Spirit)

Sunday, 11 December 2011


He sat with his friends to whom he was a peer
Merry they made with wine and beer
Next, he sat in a car changing the gear
The road was smooth and the coast was clear
But a siren from afar, which he could hear
He looked in the mirror, the one for the rear
All too soon the police was near
What he had to do he did out of fear
He sped on the road and skid past a deer
And off the road the car did veer
It rumbled and tumbled and crashed like a pear
He did not survive but also lost an ear
His family had lost him, he was so dear
Only from school he’d have graduated that year.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Dreams are hard to make
It takes time to sleep.
Sing a lullaby
So you can sleep now.

Though your eyes are closed
Dreams are fun to see,
Doing things unseen
When you are asleep.

Every dreamer must
Remember this truth:
Dreams are made so real
Only when you wake

Written circa 2145hrs 17/08/2011
[Inspired by a “writing challenge” at People Of Equal Thoughts & Spirit (P.O.E.T.S)]

Wednesday, 30 November 2011



 “It takes love to love someone
     But it takes trust to keep that one.”—r.j.o'zionn

The poem:

When the soil of separation
Is loamy enough.
And the seed of mistrust
Is sowed even singularly.
A sprout shoots up in no time
It then stems out into the inevitable:
As they both branch away from each other,
The greenness of love turns brown.
Then the leaves begin to fall…

[Inspired and written circa 0755hrs-0800hrs   08/09/2011,by a member of P.O.E.T.S [People Of Equal Thoughts & Spirit], Thomas Hayes’ poem, “When Love Leaves.”Circa 0755hrs-0800hrs   08/09/2011.  It had a picture on which the poem was written; A picture of luggage leaning against a tree.]

Friday, 25 November 2011



If I heard that poetry was dead
I'll cut my head so I'll live instead.
I'll do the impossible
Because truth is not plausible
And everything I do will be free
Not forcible...

If you look long
And deep enough
You'll realize that everyone is a poet
I am a poet
You are a poet;
We are all poets.
But it is locked up,
Down here (the mind)
And up here (the heart).

The poem:
After a few hours later,I am back free-styling
With the free powers of poetry
Potent enough to raise the dead from the cemetery.
Words unexpressed within you are dead;
Heart, brain, lungs, liver.
As I count how many times
You try to say the unsaid
On my fingers and toes
Keeping track of it in my head.
You show how powerless you are
Until I see your lips begin to quiver
Because the words within you are so hot like lava
That makes your soul shiver.
Oh mama,like a mother in labour
You begin to deliver words which cut up your mouth
And heals you back.
But you're so torn up and you seem stressed
And so I sow you up like a seamstress
With truth as my needle and honesty as my thread.
Use the free powers of poetry
Because words unexpressed within you are dead
Until you give them life with your lip.
Be the captain of your life
And please...don't abandon ship.
Read...write...and let the pages flip