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Friday, 27 April 2012


Fears allayed
Faith relayed.
In the battle front
Discouragement dismayed.
Now made,
A better person.

The past remembered.
Mistakes dismembered
Perfection relentess
What I've learnt is,
We can always become
Better people.

Stand steadily
Only on one 
Infinite identity.
Fear not who you are
But that only means war.
Fight to become
A better person.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Go and tell Noah
There's a rise
In the water level
For it's raining again

He will show you,
the path to the rainbow
And the rainbow will say:
"Yes,it has to rain."

For God has given
power to the rainbow
To it,all rains bow
So let the rains fall

The rains
can never rise
to the heights
of the rainbow

But to us
they cause destruction
Because they are subjects
To the rainbow

Indirectly,God reminds us
Not to forget
that He is Supreme
And we are His people
And our disobedience
will cause construction
of the things
that should be destroyed

But the rains
Shan't overcome the world
Because of the power bestowed on the rainbow

The rains are causing floods
And floods are one of the signs
of the end
But without a deluge

So what have I said?
"It's raining again
The end is near
Not with a deluge"

It's raining again
The floods are speaking
It's raining again
The floods are speechless

Go and tell Noah
God keeps His promises
Go and tell Noah
that it's raining again.

[Wrote it many mornings ago,around 0943hrs.I don't usually write in this form,thus without rhyme.But I decided to just let my thoughts flow...for variety sake,I guess...]