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Monday, 4 March 2013

These Dancers

I saw them dance the other day
And this I often do.
They moved rhythmically,
Like the sound of the music
Had sewn them together,
To move in sync.
Then a song I do not know
But I begin to sing.
The dance floor
Ever so white.
The flute I play
Ever so its colour.
Has me on the playlist
My flute,now a baton
Disguised: my pen.
I conduct the orchestra
And these dancers
Dance a poem.
I'm just a poet
Making these words dance,
From a randomly chosen song
Inspiration on shuffle
You're next on the playlist.
You are a poet,
Do make words dance.
-Royyce Jeddi O'Zionn
[Written on 31-7-2012.Inspired by a line from Shrewd Banana's poem, "The Poet's Curse:" So I write,and hope the words will dance together"]

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


The sky...
Is turning blue.
I breathe in 
And heave...a sigh.

The sky
Is turning blue.
The dry weather,
And the dusty winds 
That blew

Sneeze! Eeeww!

The sky is turning blue
More breath-taking sunsets
Breathe in the light
And let's...
Let's take pictures!

The sky 
Is turning blue
Like milk churning slowly
To make cheese.

So take a pose
And say cheese
More snapshots,

 [Inspired by  Sarah Yeboah's Facebook status: "The sky is finally turning blue. Harmattan is running away. Colourful pictures for me. :)."The more reason why I wrote it was to inspire to keep on taking more pictures.She is a friend I know not too well but wanted her to be motivated to continue in one of her passion (photography) which I believe she got into not too long ago. 
 Written circa 1510hrs--1528hrs,21/1/2013 ]