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Thursday, 3 May 2012


These are sweet words
No bitter thoughts;
A duo...meant to move us
To positive attitude.

Just take a bite
Lick these emotions,
Wrapped up in words
That will digest into your bloodstream.
Let it seduce your heart
As it's pumped in and out of it.
A seduction that reduces
Your intolerance
And induces the opposite

Just take a bite
Of this piece of alewa
That I share with you.
Take not an excess that will
Infect you with diabetes of inaction.
But action is the best insulin.

I speak of peace
Which is condiment
Of this candy.
Taste it
And let it be known
That you did.
Let the colour of you tongue
Be evidence of the peace you'll speak
And do.

Take this piece of alewa
And let's colour this country
With the words we speak.
Hold up your piece of alewa
Hold it up for peace.
Speak of peace
And let's do peace.

[Written 03/05/2012 circa 1429hrs-1451hrs. Inspired by the flier for "ALEWA," a poetry event in Ghana.]

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