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Thursday, 5 January 2012


I stand before no easel
With no paintbrush or canvas.
I stand between good and evil
I'm sad at what divides us.
And then I begin to paint...

I paint...
I paint a tainted picture,
A self-portrait
With pigment of dark chocolate.
I paint...

I paint a caricature;
It's about the problems,
For that's what my mind captures.
We can't deny, we have them.
But it matters how we handle them

And so with melanin,
I paint.
I paint melancholy.
I paint a usual picture:
Problems we have in Africa.
I paint, I paint.
I paint melancholy...

[Written circa 1757hrs, 04/01/2012. Inspired by the "Coliseum Challenge," at P.O.E.T.S (People Of Equal Thoughts & Spirit) ]


  1. Read through. Interesting imagery, but I don't get the connection to AU day, besides the melanin, of course.

    Why the melancholy. The poem should've been deeper, imo, but as it stands, it good enough. :P

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I'm aware of the not too direct connection of this poem with AU day but I believe once it's got to do with Africa there's definitely a connection.

    I used melancholy because of etymological connection with the word melanin,and because the writer is deeply sad about the fact that there are varied problems in Africa which are either neglected or not handled properly.

    Yes,I agree that the poem could have been deeper :)

  3. Melanin. Melancholy. That's f***ing smart dude. Will +1