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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


And so with this thought:
“I’ll not give up on Africa”
Never to Africa
Will I say, “Goodbye”

With the sound
Of this need
I rebound
With speed.
Planting in my heart’s ground
A seed…

A dream is what I planted.
I’ll never say goodbye
I hear an inspirational lullaby
Exactly what I wanted.

In my dreams
I see poets, visionaries and dreamers
Who water my seed of thought
And remind me of great things taught.
They show me a replica
Of the pain and glory of Africa.

Now I’m awake
Sharing my thoughts…
Oh, there’s one thing I forgot
They said YOU too have a thought,
You are an AFRICAN
With great thoughts

[Written circa 1914hrs   30/07/2011.Inspired by comments and posts of a Facebook group “POETS, VISIONARIES AND DREAMERS"]

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