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Thursday, 2 February 2012


Thoughts are crowding my mind
They gang up against my opinions
And beat it up till it's maimed.

And without a sense of self
No original thoughts, no perceptions, no ideas.
But when my identity was threatened.
Rip!!!! I tore up my mind's curtain
To expose the holy of holies
Of the inception of my thought process.

I begin to think for myself.
I imbibed those written thoughts
Availably arranged on bookshelves

Now, the thoughts in my mind
Are in constant motion.
My spirit is heated up
Because of the constant friction
Of my thoughts.
Constant, motion
Constant, friction

Give me some mushrooms
And some soup
Before I begin...
Before I speak.
This is what I think.

Thoughts are crowding my mind
This is what I stand for.
My perception will not sit down.
My identity :
One way I think.

[Written 31/01/2012. Inspired by Izzi-Autora's posts, "Desperation: ...thoughts are crowding my brain" and "Confusion:...thoughts in her head collide," on her blog:]

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