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Friday, 17 August 2012


Faster heartbeats
Presence so sweet
Eyes so bright
The head so light:
The young love

Do something better
Things getting bitter
Love that hurts
Love not met:
The fading love

Love waiting on fate
Waiting for a date
Love without hate
But love too late:
Timid love

Love too physical
Love so typical
Love without focus
Is much hocus-pocus:
Empty love

The love that rises
In the event of crises
The love that heals
This love so real:
The strong love

Love so natural
Love so actual
Love not a must
Love that trusts:
The mature love

Love that shares
Love that cares
Love so available
Love undeniable:
Lovely love

The love that we are
And the colour so far
The love that flies
Over shades of miles:
Beyond love

[As my contribution to the next edition of ALEWA : The Rebirth Of Spoken Word & Poetry in Ghana.

The next edition of ALEWA,which is the fifth, is themed on "LOVE," with the tag line: "Verbal Intercourse."
It comes with a formula for the show: Verbal Intercourse + x = LOVE; Find x.] 

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