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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sleepless Knights

Insomnia be the battlefield.
My perception of the world
Is my reality,a shield.
Guarding me against thoughts
That seek to stab my mentality.

I  stay awake through the sleepless nights
As the moon of wisdom illuminates
My shinning armour.
I be a sleepless knight

My pen as my sword,
I fight to save the whispers
Of my damsel;
My muse
By jotting them down

I write to survive.
I win these battles,
So I can sleep soundly.

[Inspired by two friends who are also poets: Elikplim Akorli and Richard Henry Quist.It started and happened on Elikplim's Facebook status which talked about how uses his time at dawn when he can't sleep and that was to write. Inspiration actually struck when Richard commented on the post with this, "Sleepless Knights." .Written circa 0138hrs 21/8/2012]

1 comment:

  1. I love the medieval scenery to it. Battling insomnia through writing. I can relate