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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Our perception
Of truth
Is based on the reality we choose to see.
You see,
The eyeballs work with the brain
To interpret the true position
Of things we see.
So it's like the sky is the sea
And vice-versa.
Like top is down
And more is lesser.

Our reception
For truth is
Based on a thought that is weak enough
To be crippled by it.
That we are wheel-chaired on
In the new direction
Pointed by that truth.
Then we begin to get comfortable
As we cheer on no miracles
Of having to walk again.
We clutch on to the walking aids
Provided by the same truth.

You see,
Discretion is advised
For what we hear might revise our mentalities.
If it be of a virtue,fine.
But it's not nice if it be of a vice.
Be advised.
I'll repeat this twice.
If it be of a virtue,fine
But it's not nice if it be of a vice
For it might revise our mentalities
If it be of a vice
If it be of a virtue,fine
Be advised.

You see,
The day the devil told the truth
Was when I became comfortable with his lies.

It affected my perception
Because of my reception
Because of my lack of discretion
Deception became a new direction

So you see...
Our perception... of truth

--Royyce Jeddi O'Zionn