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Sunday, 28 October 2012


A shoe store
With all kinds of sizes.
You can find all types of shoes there:
You name it...Toms?

But you just can't seem to find the right size
That fits you so well
Or the type that you really like.

A place
Where these shoes are for free
But you have to pay for the ones you walked into the store with
Walk in barefooted and you might be fined for treating your feet so badly.

You see
This shoe store is owned by life
And our feet are the only customers that it has
So you might be the Jetsons
Whiles all others be Flintstones
They might walk barefooted
Whiles you amble around in your Plimsols
But each of us only
Know where our shoes pinch the most.
We might think our situation is far worse
Compared to other people's.

I just bought some new shoes
For free.
It is not the type that I wanted
Nor does it fit too well.
But I was only window shopping
And never intended to walk in!

Sometimes our shoes are seized
And we'll have to walk barefooted for a while.

Truth is...
Truth is,
We'll never know how someone feels like
Until we get to walk in their shoes.

[This poem was first performed with Josh Blakk on the guitar and vocals on Wednesday,24th October,2012  at Smoothy's,Osu,Ghana. During the fifth Ehalakasa Festival.]


  1. you will never know. Sometimes u see someone walking in really nice shoes but can't tell the discomfort they endure to keep up appearances

    1. Exactly,Dela.
      Thanks for the read and comment.