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Monday, 8 October 2012


My mind
With no permission

The fluids
Of my brain.
You Michael Phelps into
The pool of my mind,
Propelling yourself gracefully
With the deft of an Olympic swimmer
As you intermittently immerse your thoughts
In mine
Diffuse them in a slow submersion.
Sinking without drowning,
Heading for my cerebral cortex

You see
The secret is found in the core of your text:
What you write
You write.
It is beautiful.
I don't see when you plant the seeds
But it suddenly becomes fruitful.

I like me a female
With a beautiful brain,
A beautiful heart.
These two
Before a beautiful face.

Yes you have an effect on me as a poet.
As you flap the wings of your poems
In the Rio de Janeiro of my unconciousness
And butterfly-effect my perception
Changing the weather of the actions of my Chicago.

I read your works
And I easily meditate
On the power
Of poetry.

You keep me thinking...

-Royyce Jeddi O'Zionn

[Dedicated to Butterflae Medie ( ).You write wonderful poems.This poem is also dedicated all female poets.Keep writing.Written circa 1520 hrs--1555 hrs.8/10/2012]

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